Studio cannot retrieve projects from TAC

Problem Description

A number of projects have been created in Talend Administration Center (TAC), and users have been assigned the correct authorization to these projects. However, when selecting a remote connection in Studio, the projects aren't listed, and the following error is displayed:



Root Cause

Projects in TAC were created using NONE as storage. Studio cannot retrieve these "no storage" projects with a remote connection to TAC because such projects are not considered remote.



To see and retrieve a list of projects in Studio, create the projects with either SVN or GIT storage.

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1. There are no available projects in the Talend Administrator Center for the specified user. and also it may be can use password wrong for that talend user.

2. May be use The Talend Administrator Center URL is wrong so please check it.

3. The user specified in the Remote connection configuration is unknown from the TAC.



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