Steps to upgrade a Remote Engine

Talend Version        1.8.x, 2.0.x


How to upgrade a Remote Engine
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Upgrading the Remote Engine

  1. Stop the service/script of the existing/old Remote Engine.
  2. Go to the existing/old Remote Engine's installation folder (for example, ..\TalendRemoteEngine) and uninstall the old Remote Engine by clicking on the executable file uninstall.exe.

    Note: Make sure that no Remote Engine files are open before you click uninstall.exe.

  3. Once the old Remote Engine is uninstalled, delete the installation folder (..\TalendRemoteEngine) from the drive.
  4. From the Admin page or the User Settings page in the web application, download the Installer executable files for automatic installation.
  5. Before running the installer, get the new KEY to pair TIC with the Remote Engine by following these steps:

    1. On Talend Integration Cloud, go to the Administration > Remote Engine page.
    2. Click Re-pair, and click Re-pair again to confirm.
    3. Copy the New Key and provide the authorized key in the Remote Engine wizard.
  6. Run the installer as administrator and follow the installation process: the Remote Engine will be unzipped in the Talend Remote Engine installation directory at the end of the process.

    Note: Make sure to provide the authorized key during the installation process in order to pair the Remote Engine automatically.

  7. Once the key is provided, follow the further installation process to finish.


Post-Installation checks

Once the installation is successfully finished, complete a couple of additional steps to ensure that the new Remote Engine is correctly installed.

  1. Navigate to the folder ..\TalendRemoteEngine\bin\.
  2. Click client.bat and type the command list. Here the installed bundles should be shown with Active status.
  3. Try executing a couple of sample Jobs on the newly-installed Remote Engine to make sure everything is working fine.
JIRA ticket number

DOCT-8840 - Required documentation: Upgrade Remote Engine

TINSTL-1257 - The RE installer should take care of most of the steps listed in the DOCT-8840

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To update remote engine I used the steps above.
In Talend Integration Cloud (TIC) - administration, tab - Remote engine/clusters there is an item named "Remote Engine at TalendRE server". The status is paired. Availability is red dot with an i in the middle. Is that an indication of an error or problem. What else is required to make remote engine available to TIC? 

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