Setting up the Studio for multiple users on a single installation (Windows OS)


This article will provide the steps needed to configure your Studio installation so each remote user can work with a different workspace.



Currently, this procedure applies for Studio installations made under Windows OS and when using a Remote Desktop.



Follow the steps below to configure one workspace per user on a new Studio installation.

  1. Place the license file at the Studio root.
  2. Launch the Studio once on the Windows server with the admin rights.
  3. Create a local project to completely launch the Studio (this project will be removed later).
  4. Once the Studio is open, wait for the Additional Talend Packages dialog box to be displayed.
  5. Check all the features to install everything the user may need.
  6. Close the Studio.
  7. Remove /workspace (or rename it if you want to keep it).
  8. Update the file Talend-Studio-InstallationFolder\configuration\config.ini by adding these two lines at the end of the file:


  9. Check the Talend-Studio-InstallationFolder\configuration\maven_user_settings file, and make sure that it is pointing to the folder location for the .m2 repository. This will likely already be set, but will need to be updated if the Talend Studio Installation path is changed (for example, Talend-Studio-InstallationFolder\configuration\.m2\repository).

  10. Save, then copy over the whole Studio folder to the different user folders created for each user. Each user will have their own workspace, but will always refer back to the main repository.

    Now every user that launches the Studio will have:

    • a \configurationTalend and \workspaceTalend folder in their home directory
    • the path of the workspace for a local connection will be default to their home directory




Important notes

  • Each user should have a different account

  • The server resources (memory & CPU) should be the ones recommended for one user multiplied by the number of connected users

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