SSH Console regenerates the SSH key on each ESB Runtime restart

Talend Version        6.3.1


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Product ESB
Component Runtime
Problem Description

The first time an SSH client connects to ESB Runtime, a key is generated. However, if the Runtime is restarted, then next time the SSH client tries to connect to the Runtime, another new key is generated.

Problem root cause The issue occurs when you aren't using a previously created key; instead you want to create a new one, and you are using BouncyCastle for this purpose (as happens when using a fresh installation).
Solution or Workaround
  1. Run the following command in the Karaf console:

    karaf@trun()> bundle:dynamic-import org.apache.sshd.core


  2. You should get the following output:

    Enabling dynamic imports on bundle org.apache.sshd.core_0.14.0 [61]
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