Reverting changes to the 'Finalize DB Configuration' in TAC

Problem Description

For Talend 7.0.1 and higher, a new feature allows a TAC admin to "finalize" the database configuration in TAC. When this is implemented, the settings will be locked down, and the db config page link will disappear from the login screen. The purpose of this feature is to secure the connection settings of TAC, and prevent unauthorized access or alternations.


However, there are instances where the database configuration needs to be viewed to make changes, for example, when changing a license, or moving TAC to a different database or schema.

7.0.1 Nexus Configuration Page.PNGThe view of the db config page for TAC. At the bottom right, next to the "go to login page" is the "Finalize" button.


7.0.1 TAC making it read only.PNGWarning when the Finalize button is clicked. Clicking Yes will lock down any changes.


7.0.1 TAC Login Page.PNGThe TAC login page after clicking Yes on the finalize warning. Note how the db configuration link is no longer shown.



If the database configuration page needs to be re-enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Stop TAC, and open the file in a text editor (location is 7.0.1\tac\apache-tomcat-8.5.20\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\classes).
  2. Scroll to the following flag at the bottom of the file:

  3. Change the value from false to true.
  4. Save the file, and restart TAC.
  5. After Tomcat has restarted, navigate to TAC, and the database configuration page should load up. Use the default password or the one that has been set, and you can now make changes.
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