Resolving connection or authentication issues by clearing out the TAC Cache


You may get errors when trying to make a change in TAC. However, even after adding and verifying the correct entries, you still get connection or authentication errors.



Many times, old entries, such as old paths permissions or passwords, are stored in the Tomcat cache itself. You may make a change, but your Talend module, such as TAC or AMC, may still give you errors.



You can use the command line (Windows) or terminal (Unix/Linux) or a GUI client (Windows File Explorer, etc.) to make the changes—it makes no difference.



To resolve this:

  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Navigate to the [TAC]\apache-tomcat\temp and [TAC]\apache-tomcat\work folders. Delete the contents of these folders, but don't delete the folders themselves, they are needed for Tomcat to operate properly.
  3. Restart Tomcat, and the old cached values will be gone.




Unix / Linux

The procedure for Unix / Linux is the same as for Windows. The directories are the same, but the paths will use forward slashes ('/') instead of backslashes ('\').

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Script to "Clean TAC Cache" for Windows:


@echo OFF
REM Turn off all the output

REM This script must be run as privileged/administrative user (at operating system level)

REM Set to TAC's home directory
SET TAC_HOME="C:\Talend\6.4.1\tac"

REM Set Name of TAC Service (Can be seen in Windows 'Services' applet)
SET TAC_SERVICE_NAME="Talend Administration Center 6.4.1"

REM ==========================================================

REM Stop the TAC service

REM Delete files, all subdirectories, not requiring confirmation, even for read-only files
del /s /Q /F %TAC_HOME%\apache-tomcat\temp\*
del /s /Q /F %TAC_HOME%\apache-tomcat\work\*

REM Start the TAC service
net start "Talend Administration Center 6.4.1"