Removing a patch from the Nexus artifact repository


Since version 6, Talend provides an automatic download and installation process for Studio/Commandline patches. This process requires two underlying modules: Talend Administration Center (TAC) and Nexus.


This article assumes that the Nexus artifact repository has been installed and is accessible.


Removing a patch

  1. Log in to the Nexus Web application (default login information: admin / Talend123)



  2. From the navigation menu on the left, select Repositories.



  3. From the list of Repositories, select talend-updates.



  4. Locate the patch that is to be removed, and select the file with the .zip extension.

  5. From the Properties window on the right, select Artifact.

  6. Verify that this is the desired patch for removal, then click Delete.



  7. Repeat for the .pom file with the same name as the .zip file.

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