Reducing the logging threshold for Elasticsearch in Talend Log Server

Problem Description

Elasticsearch logs are filling up system disk space.


Root Cause

A system condition such as a higher default logging threshold or a corrupted index.



This solution does not address a corrupted index, but to reduce the logging threshold:

  1. Stop these Talend services:

    • Talend Log Server search engine
    • Talend Log Server analytics and visualization platform
  2. Go to the C:\Talend_logserv_installation\elasticsearch-2.4.0\config\ folder.
  3. Open the logging.yml file.
  4. Change the value of es.logger.level from INFO to WARN/ERROR.
  5. Save the file and restart the services.


To reduce the size of the elasticsearch.log file and set up file roll-up, refer to How to Delete Elasticsearch Logs Automatically?.


Note: Unless you have a use case that requires a higher threshold, Talend recommends keeping the threshold in your production environment as low as possible.