Preventing performance issues when many Job executions are pending in Talend Administration Center


This article applies to users of the Talend Administration Center (TAC).


When many executions are pending for a Job on the Job Conductor page of the TAC, the status of your execution task might be frozen and the Refresh button might not be available. To solve this issue, you need to add a parameter to a configuration file.

This parameter can be added to avoid the Job Conductor and Execution Plan pages from being blocked when retrieving the task's (or plan's) execution status of a huge number of scheduled executions.


  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Open the following file:

  3. Edit it as follows to add a 30 seconds timeout to the execution status configuration:


    Note: The default value of the parameter is 0, which means that the timeout is disabled by default.

  4. Restart Tomcat.

Next time you have many executions pending, a timeout message will be displayed in the web application and you will be given the possibility to clear all executions.

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