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Preparing Talend Administration Center or Talend Studio for an upgrade to Nexus 3.22


This article shows you how to prepare Talend Administration Center or Talend Studio to upgrade Nexus 3.22.


Patching Studio and Talend Administration Center

Talend added many Nexus-related fixes in the latest patches that should improve your Nexus experience. In Talend Administration Center, these patches only contain the Nexus initializing tool, which is not required for an existing environment. Before upgrading Nexus, in Talend Administration Center or Studio, you need to apply one of the following patches:


Version Product Patch Documentation
7.0.1 Talend Administration Center TPS-4028

7.0.1 Studio  

Note: For Talend Studio 7.0.1, the following search script is required:


There's a resource leak in this script. For more information, see the Cannot log in to Studio when Nexus 3 is in a hang state Talend Community Knowledge Base (KB) article.


The file, attached to this article, is a shell script that checks and applies that close. Configure it according to your environment.


If you want to apply the fix now, do it before the Nexus upgrade because Nexus 3.22 disables the creation and modification of these Groovy scripts. If you want to apply the fix later, follow the Prevent Creating & Updating Groovy Scripts By Default process on the Sonatype web site.

7.1.1 Talend Administration Center TPS-4027
7.1.1 Studio TPS-4032
7.2.1 Talend Administration Center TPS-4026
7.2.1 Studio TPS-3953
7.3.1 Talend Administration Center TPS-4025
7.3 Talend Studio   It doesn't require any patches because 3.19 and 3.22 are compatible.


Install the patches and verify that everything works as expected before you start the Nexus upgrade.


Upgrading Nexus

Follow the Upgrading from Nexus 3.x to the latest Nexus 3.x version available procedure in the Talend Help Center.


Installing Nexus on new Talend installations

You don't have to install the Nexus version shipped with Talend. You can install the latest version of Nexus using the Talend Nexus initialization tool. For more information, see Configuring roles in the new Talend Artifact Repository instance in the Talend Help Center. Users and repositories will be created on one new Nexus instance then you can update the file, and run the java -jar nexus-migration.jar.


If you are trying to use a new Nexus 3.x instance, run the tool to initialize Nexus. It creates the
users (talend-custom-libs-admin, talend-updates-admin) and repositories (talend-custom-libs-snapshot, talend-custom-libs-release, talend-updates).


After you're finished, check the repository setting in Artifact Repository on the Configuration page, because the tool doesn't create the default snapshots/releases repositories. If you want to customize them, create new ones. Or, you can use the default Maven repositories (maven-releases, maven-snapshots).

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