NoSuchAlgorithmException for DataMasking.createMD5

Talend Version       6.3.1


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Product Talend Big Data
Component Spark Job in Studio
Problem Description  
Problem root cause

When trying to run a Spark Job using DataMasking.createMD5, there is a compile error:

Execution failed : Job compile errors 
At least job "xxxx" has a compile errors, please fix and export again.
Detail Message: Unhandled exception type NoSuchAlgorithmException
Solution or Workaround

For 6.3.1, there is a workaround for this issue:

  1. Add a tJavaRow component before the tMap component.
  2. Add a column in the schema.



  3. Add this new column in the tMap mapping.



For convenience, a simple Big Data batch Job that shows this workaround is attached (


Note: This workaround only works for the Spark Jobs. Since for MapReduce Jobs you do not have the tJavaRow component, this workaround cannot be implemented.

JIRA ticket number TDQ-13303
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