Nexus 3 and Java versions for 7.3.1

Problem Description

In 7.3.1, using the installer, Talend Administration Center is installed with Nexus 3.19 as the default artifact repository. While this is excellent for customers that want to continue using Sonatype or prefer the defaults, it causes an issue if the environment is using Java 11. If the environment has Oracle or OpenJDK (Zulu) 11 installed and set for JAVA_HOME and PATH, and an attempt is made to start Nexus, an error similar to the following may appear:


Nexus 3 Open JDK 11 error.PNG


Root Cause

Currently, Sonatype only supports Java 8 runtimes, whether the selected distribution is Oracle or OpenJDK (Zulu). All other distributions are not supported.



Talend recommends Java 11 runtimes and advises using Artifactory 6.12 as the recommended Artifact Repository for a 7.3.1 environment. If the use case requires using Sonatype Nexus with 7.3.1, then Java 8 is advised to be selected for all Java runtimes on a 7.3.1 environment.



For more information, see the following sections in Talend Data Integration Installation Guide for Linux 7.3:

Compatible artifact repository

Compatible Java Environments


For more information, see the supported Java versions in the Sonatype documentation.


For more information, see the JFrog Artifactory System Requirements.

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