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To test connectivity from source machine to target machine
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Problem Description You might see issues with network connectivity between two host machines, for example source and target. With this method you open a port on the target machine in Listening and test connectivity from source to see if it can connect or not.
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  1. Unzip the attached folder. Inside are Server.jar and Client.jar. These can be run by java commands.

  2. Copy the Server.jar onto the machine where you want to open the port in Listening state.

  3. Invoke the following command on the machine where you want to start the server to listen on (for example, target).

    java -classpath Server.jar talend.GreetingServer port-to-listen

    For example:


  4. Once the server is started, you can see the port is in Listening state. You can verify this using resmon.exe on Windows or netstat -tulpn | grep "7083" on Linux/Unix.


  5. Copy the Client .jar to the source machine where you want to invoke or test the connectivity to the target machine (where the server is running).

  6. On the source machine, invoke the following command:

    java -classpath Client.jar talend.GreetingClient <server-host> <server-port>
    Ex: java -classpath Client.jar talend.GreetingClient 7001

    You will see the following output:


    Which verifies the connectivity to the host (target) where the server is running and listening on port 7003.

  7. Once the previous step is run, on the server side you will see something like the following, where is the IP from which we ran the Client (source):


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