MetaServletCaller: How to set context environment name and log4j level parameters with associatePreGeneratedJob command

Talend Version 6.2.1 and above


MetaServletCaller associatePreGeneratedJob command does not set context and log4j level.
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Problem Description How to specify context environment name and log4j level when creating a task with the MetaServletCaller associatePreGeneratedJob command.
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Add contextName and logLevel elements to the JSON string of the MetaServletCaller associatePreGeneratedJob command:




As a workaround for versions prior to 6.2.1, after you create the task, run the following SQL query on the TAC database to update both context and log4j level:

UPDATE executiontask SET context='Dev', log4jlevel='Debug' where label='yourTaskName'
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