Memory Run error: 'Can't connect to remote monitoring server'


Error when trying to use the Memory Run feature in Studio.



When you run a Job with Memory Run selected, you may get this error message in a popup box:

Memory Run: "Can't connect to remote monitoring server"




  • The Job is not running long enough for the profiler process to attach to it and do its work (for details, see TUP-18501).
  • Another problem is this feature can become effectively broken until you make the fix and restart Studio.



  1. Make the Job run longer, up to 10 seconds or more. If using tRowGenerator with the default of 100 rows, consider increasing that to 1,000,000 rows. Select the Line limit checkbox on the Run tab to prevent Studio from hanging from the printing of too many log lines. Optionally, instead of increasing the number of rows generated by the tRowGenerator component, add a tSleep component to your Job with a wait of 10 seconds.
  2. Restart Studio if the longer-running Job still does not allow the Memory Run feature to work.
  3. If the above has not worked, go to Studio > Window > Preferences > Tools, and change the Period to search running JVMs on local host (ms) value from 3000ms to 300ms.
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