Manually migrating your projects from SVN to Git


Talend does not have an approved migration script to move projects from SVN to Git, so this article explains how to migrate them manually.


Migrate your project

To migrate a project from SVN to Git, perform the following steps:

  1. Export the project from the SVN repository, then place the Zip file in a known location.

  2. Create a repository in Git.

  3. Create a new project in TAC, using the URL of the new Git source code repository.

  4. Import the SVN Zip file into the new project.

  5. Confirm that the code components and binaries match what you had in SVN.

Note: These steps are only for trunk (SVN) and Master (Git). If you have multiple branches in SVN that you need to migrate, repeat the process.


For information on Talend supported and recommended version control systems, see the Compatible version control systems page on the Talend Help Center.

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