Log server search engine service shows high CPU usage


The log server search engine service consumes a high percentage of CPU cycles, at least 25% at any particular time and might reach 60% to 100% of the total CPU available. Even when no users are connected to any of the repositories, this service still keeps using CPU at varied rates.


Root Cause

Log server is used for logging and monitoring data. The primary reason more CPU may be consumed would be if a machine has a lot of Jobs being executed in TAC, and you frequently check the Monitoring > Logging page.



To disable the display of log events

To disable the display, see How to disable the display of log events on the Logging page of Talend Administrative Center.


To avoid high CPU usage by log services

  1. Stop the Elasticsearch and logstash services.
  2. Navigate to the C:\Talend\6.3.1\logserv\elasticsearch-2.4.0\data directory.
  3. Delete the Elasticsearch folder, then restart the ElasticSearch and logstash services.


For more information about Talend logging modules, see Installing and configuring the Talend logging modules.

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