Jobs migrated to Talend 6.4 from Talend 6.3 or earlier throw a compilation error


While running a Job in Talend 6.4, a compilation error occurs. The error pop up contains the error message Routines routine_name has compile errors.





Talend Studio versions 6.3 and earlier have Add all user routines to Job dependencies, when creating a new Job selected by default in Window > Talend > Preferences. Thus, when you migrate the Job from Talend 6.3 or earlier to 6.4, the routines are migrated as well and cause compilation errors in Studio.



Take a backup of the problematic routines by exporting the routines and deleting them from 6.4 Studio. You can find these routines under Code > Routines in the Repository browser. After deleting these routines, the Job should compile with no errors and run successfully.

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