Jobs fail due to a " \\fileshare\filename (Access is denied)" error

Talend Version          5.6.1


Talend Jobs fail with a\ \fileshare\filename (Access is denied) error. These jobs were working earlier, and no changes were made to the file share or to the Jobs themselves.
Additional Versions 6.2.1, 6.1.1, 6.0.1
Key words fileshare,access,FileNotFoundException,jobs
Product Talend Data Integration
Component Jobserver/Runtime
Article Type Configuration
Problem Description

All Jobs using a specific Windows file share fail with the same type of errors: \\fileshare\filename (Access is denied).


Here is an example where a tFileOutputDelimited component was used to write to a file share:

exception in component tFileOutputDelimited_1 \\fileshare\Talend Files\outfile.csv (Access is denied)
at Method)
at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source)

The Job was running earlier, and no changes were made to it or to the file share used to write the output files.

Problem root cause
  • Jobserver was set up on a Windows server machine
  • Service was setup to use the 'Local System account'

The Jobs worked as long as the user who logged in was a domain administrator who had permissions to the file share as well. When the machine was restarted and a different user (set up as the local administrator) logged in, Jobs started failing because the service user no longer had permissions to the file share.

Solution or Workaround
  1. Double-click the Talend Jobserver service name from the Services window.
  2. Click the Log On tab.
  3. Choose This account and specify a domain user who has administrator privileges on the JobServer machine and necessary access to the file share (read/write).
  4. Restart the service.
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