Jobconductor is slow to load when there are several Jobs

Talend Version          6.2.1


Jobconductor is slow to load when there are several Jobs.
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Problem Description

Jobconductor is slow to load when there are several Jobs.

Problem root cause

There are many settings that will help with the performance of the Jobs loading in TAC.

Solution or Workaround

One of the most common changes that will help Jobconductor load time is to set the number of items per page. It should be small, otherwise there is a performance issue.


The document Recommendations about environment and configuration for the Talend Administration Center contains recommendations about configuring the Talend Administration Center. Here are a few settings that you should look at first:

  1. Setting the minimal memory for each TAC WebApp JVM (-Xmx). This is set in the setenv in tac\apache-tomcat\bin. The value depends on the environment and number of webapps, but it should be at least -Xmx4096m.
  2. WEB-INF/classes/ should be higher than the maximum number of concurrently running Jobs. Determine how many concurrent jobs are running at any one time, and make sure to include both Jobconductor and execution plan.
  3. Increase the refresh values in the configuration table. You will probably want to increase these two refresh items:

    • scheduler.conf.simultaneousThreadsForStatusRefresh
    • scheduler.conf.taskStatusRefreshTime
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