Issue when tFileArchive/Unarchive and tFile***Excel components are in the same Job

Problem Description

A Job containing tFileArchive/tFileUnarchive and tFile***Excel components fails to run with the following error message:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: InputStream of class class$1 is not implementing InputStreamStatistics.


Root Cause

The tFileArchive/tFileUnarchive components are using an old version of the commons-compress JAR.



Talend recommends upgrading to Talend 7.3.1.


Workaround for version 7.2.1

  1. Download the commons-compress JAR, version 19, from the official Maven Repository.

  2. In Studio, navigate to Window > Show view, in the dialog box expand Talend, select Modules, then click Open.

  3. On the Modules tab search for commons-compress.

  4. Click [...] to the right of tFileArchive.



  5. The Install Module window opens.

    1. In the Module File field, browse to and select the new JAR file.

    2. Select the Custom MVN URI check box and enter a unique URI, for example:

    3. Click the Detect the module install status button, then click OK.



  6. Back on the Modules tab:

    1. Click [...] to the right of tFileOutputExcel.
    2. Select the Custom MVN URI check box.

    3. Enter the unique URI as you did in Step 5, for example:

    4. Click OK.

  7. Review the changes, the Modules View for these components looks like this:


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