Is it possible to maintain a shared TAC DB for multiple environments?

Problem Description

You may have multiple instances of Talend Administration Center (TAC) representing a development layer, for example dev, test, and production. Each TAC has its own repository database (or more precisely, a schema in a shared database), so you need to enter each configuration manually in each TAC.


Is it possible for some repository tables to use views for the TACs in layers test and production? For example:

  • Projects
  • Project References
  • Dashboard connections
  • Users
  • UserRoleReference


These views get their data from the original table of the TAC in layer dev. Each change you make there will be "published" (or visible) to the other two TACs automatically.



The cloning of DEV DB schema referring to the respective TACs is not a good practice. Talend Support does not recommend having such dynamic synchronizing of the TAC DB reflected in other environments, especially in the production environment.


The only recommended way to do this is to manually create users. If the environment is being set up for the first time, you can clone the dev TAC DB to test and prod. However, the practice of cloning it daily is also not recommended.


Dynamic synchronizing with the production environment may cause the corruption of the database. Instead of letting the prod environment get into an unknown state, Talend Support recommends that you manually maintain the entries within the TAC, as this holds the complete record of transactions to the DB.

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