Internal Server Error while loading data into Data Stewardship Console (DSC)


You see the following error while loading data into DSC:

org.talend.datastewardship.server.task.creation.TaskLoadException: Internal Server Error 
 at org.talend.datastewardship.server.task.creation.TaskLoadClient.doLoad( 
 at employermdm_dev.employer_survivorship_0_1.Employer_Survivorship.tMysqlInput_1Process( 
 at employermdm_dev.employer_survivorship_0_1.Employer_Survivorship.runJobInTOS( 
 at employermdm_dev.employer_survivorship_0_1.Employer_Survivorship.main( 
 [FATAL]: employermdm_dev.employer_survivorship_0_1.Employer_Survivorship - tStewardshipTaskOutput_1 Internal Server Error



The default value of maxPostSize is 2M. This error occurs when transferring larger amounts of data.



    1. Open MDM\apache-tomcat\conf\server.xml for editing.
    2. Add maxPostSize="8000000" as shown below to set maxPostSize to 8 MB (adjust this value based on your needs).
<Connector port="8180" protocol="HTTP/1.1" 
 redirectPort="8543" maxPostSize="8000000" />
  1. Restart MDM and Data Stewardship (if DSC is embedded in MDM, restarting the MDM server is enough).
  2. Delete old data/tasks in the DSC Web UI.
  3. Open the Job in Studio > Run tab > Advanced settings > JVM, then increase the following parameters' values as shown (adjust the values based on your needs):
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