Installing Talend components using the unattended installer, the installation fails on both JobServer and Log Server

Problem Description

When installing Talend components using the unattended installer, the installation fails in between, throwing the following error:

"Unknown error while running /bin/sh -c "tar -zxf TalendJobServer-linux64.tar.gz".

Installing them without JobServer the installer fails at LogServer, throwing the following error:

Unknown error while running /bin/sh -c "tar -zxf TalendLogServer-linux64.tar.gz".

The bitrock_installerxx.log file, only provides the following details:

Installing Talend LogServer (Linux) ...
Executing /bin/sh -c "tar -zxf TalendLogServer-linux64.tar.gz"
Script exit code:

Script output:

Script stderr:

Unknown error while running /bin/sh -c "tar -zxf TalendLogServer-linux64.tar.gz"

The dist file isn't corrupt, and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is exported.


Root Cause

In this case, the issue is due to the lack of physical memory on the server, and the system had 2GB RAM. Even if you install the product manually, the Job won't run.



Ensure the server has the minimum memory required to run the unattended installer: 8 GB, if you are trying to install all the modules/component on the same server.


For more information, see the Memory Usage and Disk space requirements sections of the Talend Data Integration Installation Guide for Linux on the Talend Help Center.

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