If the maximum concurrent users are already logged in, TAC does not prevent another user from logging in

Talend Version       6.3.1


Maximum concurrent users are logged in, but the license allows additional users to log in and puts them in active state.
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component Talend Administration Center
Problem Description

Current Behavior

If a customer has a license that allows three concurrent users, Talend applications must allow only three users to log in to the system at a time. Now, if a fourth user logs in to the system, the application deactivates any random user who is already logged in. This creates a problem if users are in the middle of developing and have not saved their work.

Expected Behavior

If a fourth user tries to log in to the system, the user should be denied access by the license.

Problem root cause This behavior is a bug described in Jira ticket TMC-10305.
Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, two possible solutions are available:

  • For Talend 6.3.1 users, request Patch_20170818_TPS-2054_v1-6.3.1 (as described in TPS-2054) from Talend Support.

    Note: This patch will fix the problem only if the fourth user who logs in is not assigned the Administrator role.

  • Starting with Talend 6.4.1, the issue is fixed by introducing a new role into the system, called Security Administrator (SA).

    1. If the fourth user is assigned only the SA role, he can log in to the TAC and other users who are already logged in can continue their work.
    2. If the fourth user is assigned the SA role in addition to other roles, he cannot log in to the TAC, and other users who are already logged in can continue their work.


    Note: From Talend 6.4.1, you can create any number of users with the SA role. These users are not considered to be valid users for the license.

JIRA ticket number TMC-10305
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