How to remove unnecessary H2 Database files

Problem Description

Several files that are auto-generated by the H2 database appear at the root of a Talend server installation.

- jbpm.h2.db
- jbpm.lock.db
- jbpm.trace.db

Can I delete them?



Talend recommends that you do not use the H2 database in a production environment. If you are not using the H2 database in any way, you can delete the files mentioned above to free up memory.

  1. Stop the TAC server.
  2. Make back ups of the files above, then delete them from the original folder.
  3. Navigate to ..\apache-tomcat\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\lib\.
  4. Make a back up of the H2 driver JAR file in that folder, for example, then remove the file.
  5. Restart TAC and check if the H2 database-created files still appear in the folder.
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