How to isolate and replicate a TDM or a TDM on Spark issue


Below are some steps that could help to isolate or replicate a TDM issue or a TDM on Spark issue.



  • Check the last change done before break
    • Find out what was changed in the Route/Job before issue surfaced
    • Where was the change made – Structure/Mapping?
    • What is after an upgrade/migration?
    • Did the input document / format change?


  • Scope of the issue: What works or does not work
    • Is it a user/Studio/Machine specific issue?
    • Is it Mapping/Structure related?
    • Does it depends on a specific representation / data used?
    • Size of input (in case Spark is not used)
    • Connection to the cluster: check if working fine without TDM / TDM on Spark components
    • Performance related issue – on Studio/Jobserver/Runtime/Cluster


  • Working/non-working scenarios
    • Find out if there is a specific input/use case that always fails
    • Determine simplest case where problem occurs (process of elimination)


  • Steps to reproduce
    • Exact environment details (Talend version, Cluster details…)
    • Create a mockup/sample Structure/Map/Route/Job in-house
    • Customer data: get sample input/output data if it is data dependent issue
    • Get the entire Job/Route (and in some cases, the project or workspace) for cases where issue cannot be easily replicated
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