How to change Java version of the "Talend LogServer" Windows Service

Talend Version          6.1.1


How to change the JVM Options of the "Talend LogServer" Windows Service.
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Problem Description Is there a way to change the Java version (and/or JVM memory options) of LogServer when it's run as a Windows Service, without re-installing the Service?
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  1. To make this change, run the following command:

    logserv-dir\elasticsearch-1.5.2\bin\service.bat manager

    This will bring up the Talend LogServer 6.1.1 Properties dialog-box.

  2. Click the Java tab, then edit the Java Virtual Machine parameter to adjust the path to the location of the Java version you want to use, for example:

  3. Edit the Java Options field to adjust any JVM memory (or other) options.
  4. Click OK to save, then restart the service.

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