How do I use the version filter in CI Builder?


If I use the -DitemFilter argument in my CI Builder Maven_opts, when I use the filter (version='0.1') no filtering occurs. On the other hand, I installed the patch for 6.3.1, and now I receive an error stating that the argument is not found and to check the M:m version. How do I filter for the correct version?



The -DitemFilter for version was added in 6.3.2, and thus it is unavailable in versions 6.3.1 and prior. Once you install the patch for 6.3.1 that adds the functionality, instead of using (version='0.1'), you should remove the single quotes and simply use (version=0.1), then try to generate your sources again. This should remove the error stating that the argument is not found, and allow you to generate the right version.

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