How do I close a database connection created by a tMysqlConnection?


The tMysqlConnection component is used to create a MySQL connection that will be used by other MySQL components, such as tMysqlnput or tMysqlOutput.


The tMysqlConnection does not close the connection and should be used with a tMysqlCommit, a tMysqlRollback, or a tMysqlClose component in a Job. The option Close Connection in the tMysqlCommit or tMysqlRollback components can be used to close the connection.


Here is a simple Job design using these components:



The tMysqlConnection component creates a connection, the tMysqlCommit commits the changes and closes the connection if the subjob works well, while the tMysqlRollback rolls back the changes and closes the connection if the subjob fails.


The tMysqlClose can also be used to close a MySQL connection if there is no tMysqlCommit or tMysqlRollback in the Job, or if the Close Connection check box is not selected in the tMyslqCommit or tMysqlRollback.

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