How do I change the Jenkins service account user?

Problem Description

I receive a permissions error when the Jenkins application is owned by the Jenkins user, and the Talend Suite is owned by Talend. When I change the Jenkins ownership to the Talend user, it still does not work and I continue to receive permission errors.


Root Cause

The service is still running as the Jenkins user, because the directory ownership may have changed, but the user in the startup script has not changed.



There is a two-fold process that must be run in order to resolve this issue. Changing the directory ownership of Jenkins to talenduser:talenduser is the first part, but you must also change the Jenkins user.


Note: You might check the /etc/init.d/jenkins script because this location contains two crucial variables: $JENKINS_CONFIG(=/etc/sysconfig/jenkins) and $JENKINS_USER. You might think that changing the JENKINS_USER variable would work, but this is actually not the correct way to rectify the issue.


  1. To change the service, open the /etc/sysconfig/jenkins (in Debian [Ubuntu] this file is created in /etc/default) and change the JENKINS_USER to the user you want. In this example, it's talenduser because that is the user that owns the product suite on this machine. Make sure that the user you are changing to actually exists in the system (you can check the user in the /etc/passwd file if you are unsure).



  2. Run the following commands to ensure you did completely change the ownership of the Jenkins home, Jenkins webroot, and logs:

    chown -R talenduser:talenduser /var/lib/jenkins
    chown -R talenduser:talenduser /var/cache/jenkins
    chown -R talenduser:talenduser /var/log/jenkins


  3. After changing ownership of the directories above, restart the Jenkins service and use a ps command to check if the user has changed:

    /etc/init.d/jenkins restart or systemctl restart jenkins
    ps -ef | grep jenkins
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