GUI issues with Launching Studio


If you are trying to use Studio on Ubuntu 16.04 with different desktop environments, such as Unity or XFCE, you may encounter GUI issues that are appearing randomly, such as buttons not showing, no visual feedback while entering text, the UI being slow, and other graphical issues that can hinder the usability of Studio.



If you are using Linux, you may have the GTK 3 toolkit installed on your distros, which can cause the Studio to break and cause issues.



If you are experiencing these issues, here are a few items you can check to make sure you can use Studio on a Linux machine:

  • Modify the Talend-Studio-linux-gtk-x86_64.ini to include the following, just before the -vmargs line:

    --launcher.GTK_version 2
  • Make sure that export SWT_GTK3=0 is in
  • Try to open Studio with the GUI icons instead of from a terminal.

Note: As of Talend 6.3.1, the .sh file does include these parameters, so check first to make sure you have this version. If not, implement the solutions listed above.



Linux GUI Issues 01.png

Linux GUI Issues 02.png

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