FATAL error 'Could not find stored procedure 'myStoredProcedure' ' when using a tMSSQLSP component

Talend Version 6.3.1


FATAL error when using tMSSQLSP component
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component Studio
Problem Description

The following error is reported when a stored procedure not within the dbo schema is invoked:

 'Could not find stored procedure'

The output says:

Exception in component tMSSqlSP_1
[FATAL]: project.myJob_0_1.myJob - tMSSqlSP_1 Could not find stored procedure 'myStoredProcedure'.

Even though the schema used was not a dbo schema, it had necessary permissions to be involved based on tests done using SQL clients.

Problem root cause The schema was assigned to the variable dbschema_tMSSqlSP_1 but was not used in the stored procedure call.
Solution or Workaround

Prefix the stored procedure name with the schema [Schema].storedProcedure. If the schema is blank, call the stored procedure.

The schema must be retrieved from the tMSSqlSP component, or from the tMSSqlConnection component if the first use is as an existing connection.

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