Error when using tGSConnection to connect to Google Storage using a proxy server

Talend Version       6.2.1


Additional Versions Big Data
Product Cloud
Problem Description

A Talend 6.2.1 Job uses a tGSConnection component. This Job can connect successfully to Google Cloud Storage.

The issue is that when connecting to Google Storage through a proxy server, the following error occurs:

[FATAL]: pattern.testGS_0_1.testGS - tGSConnection_1 Request Error: unknown error
Exception in component tGSConnection_1
org.jets3t.service.ServiceException: Request Error: unknown error
at org.jets3t.service.StorageService.getAccountOwner(
Problem root cause JetS3t is the API used to access Google Storage. The list of proxies is provided using the Java javaplugin.proxy.config.list property. The list of the proxy servers to access has not been set, and this is the cause of this issue.
Solution or Workaround

The solution consists of setting javaplugin.proxy.config.list as a Java property.


To do this at the Job level

Set the following Java define argument:



To implement this solution in Talend Studio

  1. Select the Job.
  2. Navigate to the Run Tab > Advanced Settings, then select Use specific JVM arguments.
  3. Click New (from the arguments table) then enter the following argument:



To do this in the TAC console

Provide JVM arguments related to the task/Job in Job Conductor.

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