Error when using multiple runtime connection components with SAP

Talend Version (Required)       6.1.1


Connection components that run in runtime, such as tSAPConnection, tMysqlConnection, and tOracleConnection, randomly return the following error when more than one web service with an SAP connection exists on a Karaf server.

Exception in component tSAPConnection_1
 SAPException@260f6e91 [
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Product (Required) ESB
Component (Required) Studio
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Problem root cause

The checkbox for Specify a data source alias is selected in the Basic Settings of the component, so an ESB connection pool is needed.

Solution or Workaround

Deploy the SAP connections pool in runtime with following steps. Refer to esb\add-ons\datasources\sap\readme.txt for more information about how to setup the SAP datasource and the SAP destination name for the tSAPConnection in the Job.

  1. Deploy sapjco3.jar to Talend Runtime using the following command:

    karaf@trun()> install -s 'wrap:file:c:/Talend/6.1.1/runtime/lib/sapjco3.jar'
  2. Install the talend-sap-hibersap feature using this command:

    karaf@trun()>feature:install talend-sap-hibersap
  3. Deploy to Talend Runtime.

  4. Set up the SAP connection properties in

  5. Copy:

    • to runtime\etc\
    • to runtime\deploy\
  6. Copy the connection pool value into Shared destination name as shown in the following image:




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