Error when using cFile component filterFile property

Problem Description

The filterFile parameter in the cFile component is set with a value of "{file:size} > 5000", and you added the additional dependency, camel-core-2.22.0.jar file.



However, when you start the route you encounter an error similar to the following:

There is one parameter that couldn't be set on the endpoint. Check the URI if the parameters are spelled correctly and that they are properties of the endpoint. Unknown parameters=[{filterFile={file:size} > 5000}]


Root Cause

The issue is specific to the design.



To resolve the problem, you can use the "readLock=changed" strategy in the cFTP component. Filtered empty files can be carried in a separate cMessageFilter component using the condition, "${header.CamelFileLength} > 0", and in the cFTP component, set the "readLockMinLength" value to 0. To increase the speed of work after configuring these components, you can use the cSEDA component accordingly.

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