Error when running a job with tOracleBulkExec


When running a job in the Talend Administration Console (TAC) an error is displayed:

"Exception in component tOracleBulkExec_1 Cannot run program "sqlldr": error=2, No such file or directory"


The same job runs without error when running in Talend Studio on the same machine.

The same user is running the TAC and the Studio.



The job includes a tOracleBulk component. It runs well when executed locally, but fails when using the JobServer. The PATH used by Talend was not the same as the one on the Server. The database client software is running properly and the sqlldr external utility has been installed on the execution server. When logged using putty, environment variables are set correctly: ORACLE_HOME, PATH ..


When running the job via TAC, the error is: Cannot run program "sqlldr": error=2, Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type Cannot run program "sqlldr": error=2, No such file or directory;1

When running it directly on the execution server, it runs fine.



Check if you used the same login for the Studio and TAC, but a different one for the JobServer.

For example, was one of the Talend Services launched using root and all the others were launched using a user called talend?

Modify the setup starting script that launches all services to use the same login (for example, talend) and everything should work fine.


Bookshelf references

Installing database client software (for bulk mode)


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