Error 'Unable to access to url' in CommandLine logs, can't generate Job

Problem Description

You are unable to generate Jobs in TAC, and are seeing one of the following errors in the CommandLine logs:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to access to url:http://hostname:8080/org.talend.administrator 
at org.talend.commandline.cli.CommandLineHandler.computeCommand( 
at org.talend.commandline.cli.CommandLineHandler.process( 
at org.talend.commandline.cli.CommandLineHandler.execute( 
at org.talend.commandline.cli.CommandLineHandler.execute(


java.lang.IllegalStateException: a repository should be initialized
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandProcessor.checkInitialized(
at org.talend.commandline.command.CommandProcessor.logonProject(


Root Cause

If the CommandLine and TAC are not on the same machine, you must set up the conf.applicationStaticLocation value in the TAC file.



  1. Edit the TAC file located under TACinstall\apache-tomcat\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\classes.
  2. Uncomment the following parameter and change the hostname/servername to the IP address of TAC:

    #conf.applicationStaticLocation=http://ip of the tac server:8080/org.talend.administrator
  3. Restart TAC.
  4. Clear the CommandLine workspace folder (cmdline\studio\commandline-workspace), then restart the CommandLine.
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