ESB task creation fails with 'unknown protocol: mvn' error

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Product ESB
Component TAC
Problem Description

You are unable to create ESB Task from TAC, and an Operation failed: 500 The call failed on the server error is displayed:


The TAC log shows the following error:


ERROR TalendRemoteServiceServlet - Unexpected exception : Service method 'public abstract org.talend.gwtadministrator.client.module.conductor.esbconductor.model.Feature
Bean org.talend.gwtadministrator.client.module.conductor.esbconductor.service.EsbConductorService.getFeature(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String) throws org. talend.gwttoolkit.client.exception.ClientBusinessException' threw an unexpected exception: org.talend.gwttoolkit.client.exception.ClientSystemException: unknown protocol: mvn : mvn:http://admin:****@localhost:8081/nexus/content/repositories/releases!org.example/test-feature/0.1.0/xml
org.talend.gwttoolkit.client.exception.ClientSystemException: unknown protocol: mvn: mvn:http://admin:****@localhost:8081/nexus/content/repositories/releases!org.example/test-feature/0.1.0/xml
  at org.talend.gwttoolkit.server.TalendRemoteServiceServlet.processException(
Problem root cause The talend-url-mvn-1.0.0.jar file is missing.
Solution or Workaround

Ensure that talend-url-mvn-1.0.0.jar is located under the TAC Tomcat endorsed folder, for example, under TAC-HOME/apache-tomcat/endorsed. Then restart TAC.


If talend-url-mvn-1.0.0.jar is in the correct folder but you are still getting the error, create an environment variable JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS and point it to the endorsed folder as shown below:



export JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS=pathtotomcatendorsedfolder


Note: If you are running Tomcat as a service, add the Java property -Djava.endorsed.dirs to the file, or properly set it in TAC, and ensure it is pointing to the folder where talend-url-mvn-1.0.0.jar is located.

For example:

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