'Driver does not support this optional feature' error using the Simba driver in tJDBConnection to connect BigQuery on GCP

Problem Description

Using the Simba driver in the tJDBConnection component to connect the BigQuery database on GCP, fails with the following error:

[FATAL]: digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest - tDBConnection_1 [Simba][JDBC](10220) Driver does not support this optional feature.
java.lang.RuntimeException: [Simba][JDBC](10220) Driver does not support this optional feature.
               at digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest.tDBConnection_1Process(CleanBigQueryTest.java:2176)
               at digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest.tLibraryLoad_6Process(CleanBigQueryTest.java:1506)
               at digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest.tLibraryLoad_1Process(CleanBigQueryTest.java:686)
               at digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest.runJobInTOS(CleanBigQueryTest.java:3208)
               at digital_analytics.cleanbigquerytest_0_1.CleanBigQueryTest.main(CleanBigQueryTest.java:3034)


Root Cause

The Simba JDBC driver, GoogleBigQueryJDBC42.jar, for the BigQuery does not support the auto commit feature.



To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click the tDBConnection component, then select the Component tab.

  2. Click Advanced settings, then clear the Use Auto-Commit check box.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Rerun your Job.



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