Conversion of Oracle SCD to Oracle ELT SCD does not work

Problem Description

Conversion of Oracle SCD to Oracle ELT SCD isn't working. The tables previously loaded using the tOracleSCD component are not updating when using the tOracleSCDELT component.


Root Cause

This issue is due to the change in the default date formats. The change is not picked up by tOracleELTSCD component, and the table update doesn’t occur.


Format of Oracle SCD: DD-MM-YYYY 12:00:00

Format of Oracle ELT SCD: DD-MM-YYYY 00:00:00



Before using the tOracleSCDELT component on a table using a tOracleSCD component, modify the END_DATE column using the TRUNC function.


Update the END_DATE column in the table being implemented for SCD in the database, where Table_name is the target table that needs to be updated, as shown in the following SQL query:

UPDATE table_name set END_DATE=trunc(END_DATE)

This allows the updates to occur as expected.

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