Context variables and groups are not propagating in Jobs created using JobScript through CommandLine

Problem Description

The context variables and groups you specified in your Studio Jobs are not propagating to the Jobs that JobScript generates through CommandLine.


You have a large number of Jobs generated using Jobscript, and it is not feasible to open every Job and propagate the contexts.


Root Cause

This issue may occur when Context Groups are part of a separate Reference project, because Reference project don't know about the other projects.



To propagate the modifications to all of the Jobs created using JobScript, perform the following steps:

  1. Change the Context Group values after generating the Job using JobScript.
  2. Click the detect and update all Jobs detectandupdate.png icon on the Studio toolbar.
  3. The Update Detection window appears listing the generated Jobs, click OK.
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Good one. Works like a charm. This works way better than its alternative thru, settings -> preferences -> performance -> propagate all changes