Context variable values in the TAC ESB conductor are not updated after a task is updated

Talend Version          6.3.1


TAC ESB Conductor doesn't reflect a configuration update of the context variables.
Additional Versions 6.1.1, 6.2.1
Product TAC
Problem Description

If you change a context variable value in the service, and publish it with the same version, the change is not reflected in the TAC ESB Conductor even if you reset the values.


The value is correctly deployed in Karaf, but the TAC GUI still shows the old context value.

Problem root cause Known defect
Solution or Workaround


Upgrade to Talend version 6.4.1.


Workaround for versions older than 6.4.1

Delete the following feature version from the local maven repository:



  • Talend is the user running TAC
  • org\example is the feature group name
  • DemoREST-feature is the feature name
  • 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT is the feature version

After deleting this 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT folder, click the Reset button from the Config properties tab of your ESB Task.

JIRA ticket number TESB-17452
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Last update:
‎07-05-2019 03:50 AM
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I'm working on version 6.5.1 and the problem is present.

Did you have a solution for this problem on this version?




Community Manager

Hi Donatien,

This issue should have been fixed in 6.4.1, so your current problem might be caused by something else. Please contact Talend Support at so they can investigate it. 



Six Stars

I am working on Talend 6.5.1 and I also have this problem.


I publish a Route to Nexus, and then on the TAC I add and deploy the Route via the ESB Conductor, with the only context option of "Default".


I then go and add different contexts ("development" and "production") in Talend Studio to my Route, I publish it again, and then I stop/undeploy/redeploy the Route via the ESB Conductor.  The context still doesn't show the new contexts ("development" and "production"), it still had Default only. Renaming the route and deploying it with a different name works and gives me the correct context options, but for the existing Route name, it does not work.


I have to clear the local maven repository folder on the TAC server, and then it works.


So I don't think this issue has been fixed. Perhaps you should review the bug.