Configure proxy settings in Talend Studio

Problem Description

You are trying to transfer your communications (traffic) through a proxy server. Studio is not able to use the proxy settings configured in the machine, but you confirm that all other applications hosted on the machine are able to use those proxy settings. To make it work, you configure the following JVM arguments in the Studio .ini file and relaunch the application.




Using these settings you can launch Studio, load your projects, and confirm that Studio started the workspace. However, now Studio cannot receive sources from AWS CodeCommit.


You discover that if you configure the proxy settings in Studio as described on the Configuring Talend Studio to enable connection with Talend Administration Center via a proxy server ... page in the Talend Data Integration Installation Guide, Studio can receive input from CodeCommit.


Root Cause

Even after configuring/enabling the proxy settings at the system level, the Studio application installed on the machine will not be able to use them. Instead, Studio is actually launched using the Java container, and if the particular Java container installed on that machine is configured with different proxy settings, Studio would use them instead.



You must configure the proxy settings in two different places:

  1. In the .ini file as described above.

    • These settings control the launch of Studio, including the connectivity to TAC, GIT, and so on.
  2. In the Eclipse settings within Studio, using the Window > Preferences > Network configurations menu.

    • These settings control internet access once you're logged on, for example for library downloads, Exchange, and so on.
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