ClassNotFoundException when running a Talend 6.2.1 Job with tDB2 components

Talend Version       6.2.1


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Product Data Integration
Component tDB2
Problem Description

When executing a Talend 6.2.1 Job with tDB2 components, it fails with the following exception:

Problem root cause This issue is due to a defect: TDI-37694. When building a Job, Talend 6.2.1 is copying the DB2 JDBC driver jar with a wrong name. As a consequence, at execution time, the Job fails with the exception ClassNotFoundException.
Solution or Workaround

For Talend 6.2.1, the solution consists of applying Patch_20161124_TPS-1685_v2-6.2. To implement this solution, perform the following steps:

  1. Shut down Talend Studio if it is open.
  2. Extract the Zip
  3. Merge the patch plugins folder and its contents into the studio/plugins folder, and overwrite the existing files.
  4. Restart Talend Studio.


JIRA ticket number TDI-37694
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