Changing the logLevel produced by LogServer

Problem Description

You want to produce smaller log files by configuring them to contain only error and warning messages, and not info messages.



Edit the logging level in the logging.yml file, located in the C:\Talend\x.x.x\logserv\elasticsearch-2.4.0\config folder, and change the log level from INFO to WARN or ERROR.


Your updated file should look similar to this:

#es.logger.level: INFO 
es.logger.level: WARN 
rootLogger: ${es.logger.level}, console, file 
# log action execution errors for easier debugging 
action: DEBUG 

# deprecation logging, turn to DEBUG to see them 
deprecation: INFO, deprecation_log_file 

# reduce the logging for aws, too much is logged under the default INFO 
com.amazonaws: WARN 
# aws will try to do some sketchy JMX stuff, but its not needed. 
com.amazonaws.jmx.SdkMBeanRegistrySupport: ERROR 
com.amazonaws.metrics.AwsSdkMetrics: ERROR 

org.apache.http: WARN
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