Cannot publish Job to the Nexus Releases repository

Problem Description

Cannot publish Job to the Nexus Releases repository.


Root Cause

You are trying to redeploy the same version of the Job to Nexus. By default, the Redeploy option in the Releases repository is disabled, so trying to redeploy fails.



To enable redeployment in Nexus:

  1. Go to your local Nexus instance (default: http://localhost:8091/nexus/).
  2. On the menu on the left, in View > Repository select Repositories.
  3. Open Releases.
  4. Select Configuration.
  5. In Access Settings, change Deployment Policy to Allow Redeploy:

    Screenshot (74).png



Talend recommends deploying or redeploying Jobs as Snapshots; then, when the final build is ready, deploying to Releases.

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FYI : 
Nexus Deployment PolicyAllow Redeploy needs to combine with the following methods to let TAC run with the republished job.
1. TAC->Jobcondutor-> check "
Use Latest Version"
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2. reselect and redeploy the job 

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Hi @wguo , thank you for adding this detail here.

Basically, I created this article to focus on the redeployment from Studio. This article covers details related to Use Latest Version.


Appreciate your feedback/help Smiley Happy