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Cannot open a project from Studio

Problem Description

Trying to log in to a project from Studio, results in the following error message:

org.talend.commons.exception.LoginException: Cannot open the project.Error task is org.talend.camel.designer.migration.UpdateBeansDefaultLibrariesMigrationTask.
at org.talend.core.repository.model.ProxyRepositoryFactory.checkProjectCompatibility(
at org.talend.core.repository.model.ProxyRepositoryFactory.logOnProject(
at org.talend.repository.ui.login.LoginHelper$
at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$


Root Cause

Some users are using a different version of Studio.


For example, some symptoms would be only one or a few users can log in to the project, while other users have the issue logging into a remote project.


When a user, using the latest version of Studio, logs into a project, and all of the code migrates to latest version. If you are using a lower version of Studio and trying to connect to the remote project, the issue occurs.



This issue is more common in cases where the user is using a cloud license.


Always ensure that all of the users on the team are using the same version of Studio when working on the remote project.

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