Cannot add a Remote JobServer from Studio

Problem Description

The + button is disabled in the Preferences > Talend > Run/Debug > Remote window, and you cannot add a Remote JobServer to run Jobs from Studio to the Target Exec JobServer.



Root Cause

When Studio is logged into a remote project (using a remote TAC connection), you cannot add a Remote JobServer from Studio because it's controlled by TAC.


Studio won't display any Remote JobServers because there aren't any JobServers listed on the Servers page in TAC.




In TAC, add the JobServer to the Servers page.



You are now able to see the same JobServer listed in Studio, and you can use it to run the Job using Target Exec.


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Can i know from which version it started implement? because, i can see add button enable in 6.4.1 also could add Job servers irrespective of Job servers in TAC. However this looks good practice.