Beeline and Hive connectivity causes connection reset error

Problem Description

Beeline and Hive connectivity causes a connection reset error in Studio logs.



There are two possible solutions:


  1. Configure timeout length for client and server:

    1. Client-side configuration:

      In your Job, change the timeout length for the client-side configuration by adding the following parameter to your Hive connection:


      This is measured in seconds, and should be set to a value longer than the duration of each individual Hive connection query. 60 minutes is a good starting point.

    2. Server-side configurations:

  2. If the resolution above does not work, perform the following steps:

    1. Back up the Hive database.
    2. Remove Hive from the node.
    3. Add a new node and install Hive.
    4. Restore the Hive database.
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